Erasmus+ 30th Year: The Erasmus+ Across Bosphorus Event

The Erasmus+ Across Bosphorus Event  was held in İstanbul on October 24,  2017 as part of the 30th Anniversary Campaign of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The event which was the national flagship event of Turkey opened with the official speeches by Director of Turkish National Agency Mesut KAMİLOĞLU, Director General for Europen Commission Education and Culture Martine REICHERTS, Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger and Undersecretary of the Ministry for European Union Ambassador Selim YENEL. 

Highlights from opening speeches: 

Director of Turkish National Agency, Mesut KAMİLOĞLU: 
When we look at the 30-year history of education and youth programmes, we realize that the geographical scope of the programme expanded in the Erasmus+ period. In this sense, I consider that the success and impacts of the Programme will spread to the whole World as well.  

Director General for Europen Commission Education and Culture, Martine REICHERTS
Erasmus + is a programme  that brings people together, emphasizes the concept of international friendship, and serves to raise a generation of peace ... If you want to live in a better world, become part of the change and learn new cultures and new languages to make the world a better place...

Undersecretary of the Ministry for European Union Ambassador Selim YENEL: 
Our young people who participate in Erasmus+ are represented our country in Europe and they also fulfill a crucial task of learning the cultures of the European countries and introducing them in our country. They are the ambassadors of our country in this sense ...

Following the speeches, Erasmus+ Forum was  held with Erasmus+ beneficiariesErasmus+ beneficiaries shared their experiences and opinions on the future of Erasmus+ in the forum section. Approximately 200 people, consisting of representatives of the National Agencies of other countries,  students and volunteers attended the event.

In the event, projects implemented  in our country under Erasmus+ and photographs from "Erasmus+ Through My Lense" contest were also exhibited.  An award ceremony was held for the winners of photo contest. Following the ceremony, event participants wrote their expectation for the post-2020 Programme period to the "Erasmus+ tree" and immortalized the event with enjoyful photos taken with photo booth. A symbolic birthday cake was cut under waving Turkish and Erasmus+ 30 flags. 

Erasmus+ Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: 

Ahmet Katıksız: He is among the first beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ Programme in our country and he works as a  youth worker.  He is running youth exchange and volunteering projects. 

Natalia Piotrowska: She came to Turkey as an Erasmus student. Now she is working as a senior diplomat at the Polish Embassy in Turkey. 

Şükrü Özyıldız: He decided to become an actor in Portugal where he went with Erasmus as an engineering student. Now he is a famous artist ... 

Mehmet Kahramanoğulları: He told that Erasmus+ offers various opportunities for disabled. He experienced European Voluntary Service is a currently Turkish teacher. 

Ahsen Bayramoğlu: She benefited from both learning and internship mobility. She says that in each job interview she attended, the employers ask about her Erasmus+ experience. 

On the second day of the event, Martine Reicherts visited projects in İstanbul.


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